Oxley College

A big four zero

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Oxley 40 years

Oxley College is a reputable private college nestled in the foothills of Burradoo, in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. The school has a long-standing history in the area, providing students non-denominational, co-curricular learning on expansive grounds within a beautiful country landscape.

For their 40th year, Oxley wanted an emblem that celebrated their history, their commitment to learning, and their bright future. The custom-designed emblem is an unbroken ribbon that travels from the 4, and twists and turns into the 0. A ribbon was chosen as it has a collegiate tone, and its continuous, unbroken shape represents the rich and continuing timeline of the college.

The cross bar of the 4 was purposefully shaped into a rolling hill representing Oxley Hill, the hillside that the college looks up towards. The 0 then being the sun, rising from behind the hill, conveying the college’s future focus.

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